Galleries are now Open!

I still have much work to do, but the galleries are now up and running and basic content has been added to each page! At present, we have 4 public galleries in total:

Featured Gallery

This is my ‘front’ gallery where images will be rotated out over time. Of course, all images that appear in the featured gallery also appear in their respective gallery.


This is where I’ll upload all of my photography. I have uploaded some work from my college days when I was in an analogue black and white photo class, as well as some newer digital photography.


I like to sketch things a lot, well at least I have periods of time where I sketch a lot. Not everything here will be a finished work, in fact much of it will likely be quick foundation sketches, which may or may not move on to the next step.


Sadly I no longer have access to printmaking resources like I used to, but I was able to put together a series of prints I made in college. I may upload some more from that period, but new ones aren’t likely in the foreseeable future.

I hope you all like the new gallery offerings! Soon I will also be adding a contact form so that people can provide feedback.