Almost Thanksgiving Already

Wow, November seems to be disappearing fast on us! It seems like just yesterday my partner and I were hosting our first Samhain ritual when in actuality it was a full two weeks ago.

It was a small and quiet ritual, just four of us and our loved ones who had passed. Lilli found a great recipe for ‘Remembrance Cookies’ and we concluded the evening with a nice meal and made offerings to the ancestors and the Aos Sí. I want to thank everyone who attended, both living and passed, for being patient with me; public performance, even in the form of rituals, still make me a bit nervous.


Living in the States, my household is now gearing up for Thanksgiving this week. That holiday can mean a lot of different things to people; for us however it is simply an excuse to spend time with some of the people we care about and reflect upon the good in our lives. With that in mind, I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving this year. Blessed be!