Still Getting Ready for Samhain

As we gear up for our Samhain ritual I thought I would take a brief moment to write a post on the holiday.

Samhain (pronounced sah-win), commonly known as Halloween, is traditionally celebrated on the eve of 31 October into the morning of 1 November, or All Saints’ Day. Samhain has also been known to be celebrated for as much as an entire week, or been shifted closer to the midpoint between Mabon and Yule (7 November).

Gaelic in origin, Samhain is one of the ancient quarter-days and is often thought of as the first of the four; a sort of ‘new year’. Like its wither-ward counterpart, Beltane, Samhain is a liminal time of the year; meaning that it is easier for spirits and fae folk to cross from their world into ours. It is a time to feast and celebrate those who have lived and died before you, as well as garner good will for the darkness (winter) to come.

Mumming and guising, dressing up and going door to door reciting poems or singing songs, was common on the eve of Samhain. The houses visited would bestow upon the guisers gifts of food and wood, which would later be used as offerings in the ritual to ensure a good year ahead.

As we prepare for our ritual on 6 November, please feel free to take a look at my digital grimoire; A wiki style website for collecting information of a spiritual nature, planning rituals, and more.

Blessed be!

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