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So I have been hearing about The Red Pill more or less since it came out. I didn’t pay much mind to it because most of what I heard about the “Manist” movement from the main stream was really negative, and I sort of confused The Red Pill documentary with the subreddit /r/theredpill (note: these are not the same thing).

A few days ago I came across some reviews on YouTube. These made me rethink the film and I was considering watching it, and then I saw an interview that made up my mind.

For those who didn’t see the video before it was taken off of YouTube, it is a talk given by Cassie Jaye (filmmaker of The Red Pill) about her experience making the documentary. It was very interesting to hear about her journey, but the truely chilling part was what she said at the end of that video; how she stopped being a Feminist, not because of what she learned about the Men’s Rights Movement, but because of what she learned about the Feminist Movement, and how quickly that community turned on her for voicing a message that was different than theirs.

To be clear, I’m not an Men’s Rights Activist, I am not a Feminist, and I am not saying that these men’s issues are any more important or should take priority over women’s issues.

What I am saying is that men’s issues deserve attention too, but they are often ignored, or dismissed as irrelevant because “patriarchy”. It is not some sort of conspiracy to undermine or take away from women’s rights, but rather seeks to add to the conversation of gender equality by bring up men’s issues so that they are talked about too.

The film does a wonderful job of representing both sides and offering an alternative perspective that is well supported by facts, and if you can find the two hours to dedicate to it, you really should.

(Edited 2018 March 16 – Removed dead video link and edited post to work without it.)

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