September Update 2017

Greetings! It’s been a month since my last post so I figured I’d pop in and give a bit of an update, but first a picture of my latest Starbound build. It’s small, but I’m proud of it:

A Modest Greenhouse
A Modest Greenhouse at Osatsu Base

Another Year Begins

Okay, we’re closer to 2018 now than we are the start of 2017, but that’s not the sort of year I mean. September is here which means that once more students flood our classrooms and walkways. It seems like yesterday we graduated a class and sent everyone home and they’ve already returned. Summer passes so quickly, but it is also nice to return to the normal routine.

My Continuing Domain Saga

It’s been two whole months now since I started going after BounceWeb for my domain name, and finally after an ICANN complaint I managed to regain my domain; well… sort of. BounceWeb has released control of the domain name to me entirely, but due to some policy my transfer requests are being auto-denied. All things considered though I’m doing better than I was two months ago.

The next issue is to address the fact that BounceWeb terminated my hosting account with no reason given a mere month into a year long contract, but that will have to wait until my domain is completely out from under them.

Some Logo Design and Web Work

I’ve gained a couple of clients over the past months, and I’m happy to say it’s gotten me back into some of my more artistic work. I have been commissioned to produce a few logos, and I’m happy to be able to share one of the completed ones.

Clover Cove Logo
Clover Cove Logo

This is a logo for Clover Cove, a child care provider. The concept and colours are not mine, they were chosen my client, Jess. Each colour bears a meaning; the dark pink stands for love and attachment, orange for exploration and play-based learning, and green for growth and development. My contribution was the execution of the shapes, using hearts as the leaves, and arranging the colours so that the growth is shooting upward on the ‘wings’ of love and exploration.

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