7 Days of Black & White

The result of a Facebook challenge I opted to participate in; the challenge was to take a black and white photo every day for 7 days to show glimpses of your life. The rules were no people and no explanations.

Farm Life Series

These photos are all from a day trip down to the farm. For this series the focus was on the creatures inhabiting the farm specifically.

Magick Series

This was my final exam from my college analogue photo class. We had to take five photo’s that all shared a common theme – I think I confused the professor with mine

Everyday Life

This was an assigned project from my analogue photo class in college. The objective was to bring our camera with us and take photo’s representative of an average day.

Assorted Black & White

This is just a small collection of photo’s that I took before I went digital, but weren’t part of the main sets.